If you’re considering to work part-time in college, but have doubts whether you can really do it or not, you should go for it. If you think being an introvert is a disadvantage for you, it is not. At first, it is discouraging but I can say It’s a great choice to make.

Why should I work part-time while in college?

Earn extra income                                          

This is the first advantage that will come into our minds. Your parents may be giving you an allowance, but it’s probably just enough for all your school expenses. Added cash will able you to buy more than what you need. You can help your parents too with bills or with anything.

Having extra income can also save you as an anxious or introvert or both student, because you don’t have to borrow something you need from someone that you’re not really close with, you can just buy it with your own money.

Spend money more wisely

You will learn the value of money because you worked hard for it. You didn’t get the money for only a day or for sitting in your couch while browsing on Facebook. So, you won’t waste it that easily.

Gain experience

You would gain a different experience you’d never learn from school. Believe me. In school, we tend not to push ourselves too much on doing activities because it’s not needed. But it’s different when you’re already working, you have to do all that you can.

Career Skills

As an introvert we are awkward beings. In school, we barely talk and spend most of our times speaking only to ourselves. Working in a group is an extra challenge for us because we have a hard time communicating effectively with the members. When you work while in college, you will learn and develop not only communication skills but a set of career skills. Those skills will prepare you for your future and will help you land a job easier as a professional.

Learn to be more independent and responsible

As a college student, we are still young. Being young comes with recklessness and dependency. On the contrary, adulthood: responsibility and independency. When you’re working, you will feel a sense of being an adult.

In your workplace, you cannot expect them to help you with everything. You will have to rely on yourself. And that will help you be more responsible and independent.

Early Savings

You can save at least 10% for every salary you receive. It’s good to have money in a bank account that you can use whatever happens. Also, you will develop savings habit early.

Why not?

It might distract you from your studies

                I had classmates before who hardly manage to pass all the subjects. They almost miss every classes because they were working part-time. One of them told me once that he prefers working rather than to study anymore. I somehow felt that too before but not to the point that I’d stop my studies.

Being a working student can be overwhelming sometimes. But you have to balance your work and school. It is possible.


This is plain obvious. Merely attending all your classes and doing all your school works like projects or group practices are draining already. With added working time? It’ll be tiring you may want to just lay in bed and rest for a day.

What type of part-time jobs can I apply for as a college student?

Introverts are quiet, yes, and much creative. Our arts speak for what we have to say. We’re good at drawing, painting, writing, photography and more.

You can look for any jobs related to what you’re good at. There is surely one you can apply. I, for instance, like photo editing and taking pictures, and love working with computers. So, I looked and applied for a job with all that.

But If you think you can’t find one, you still have many options to choose. There are a lot of jobs available out there, online or not.

Online Jobs- Try online jobs like Virtual Assistant or Data Entry Clerk. Just check these sites: Onlinejobsph, 199jobs, Upwork, Freelancer, 99designs. I’ve tried these online jobs once, but never really focused on it.

Food Service Jobs- You can work as a cashier, cook, service crew or barista, anything.

Home/ Online Tutor- You can teach younger ones how to play guitar, solve math problems or wherever you excel. It’s possible, I know some people who do this.

Design/ Multimedia- You can do graphic designing, animations, video and audio productions. You can find clients online and offline here. You can join in Facebook groups or other platform to look for clients.

Where can I apply for jobs?

                Write up your resume and produce enough copies. Grab your folder or envelop, whichever you prefer, with your resume and requirements in it. Walk into every establishment in your city for a day until you find a job you like that would hire you. That’s it.

No, actually that’s not just it. Although it’s worth a try, right? I’ve literally done that before, the walking under the summer heat looking for a job. I found and got hired in a fast-food restaurant.

But what’s better than sitting in your house, looking for a job? As an introvert who prefer to have lesser in-person talk, it’s easier to go online. There’s also less worry about your looks, the way you speak or answer questions.

These are some online applications for job searching: Indeed, JobStreet, LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

Honestly, Indeed is much simple to use and easier to find jobs we are qualified to apply. I use it to look for part-time jobs, whether online jobs or not. I got three interviews and was hired as a photo editor/photographer. I got calls too and some messages in regards to my applications.

Whilst, LinkedIn and Glassdoor, in my opinion is for those professionals already.

I haven’t tried JobStreet, but I think It’s more like Indeed than LinkedIn.

Happy studying and working!

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