One thing that will not change is we’re not always okay, no matter how perfect one’s life may be. We will have bad or sad or worse days. But that’s completely okay. The important thing is how we deal with those kinds of days and how we’ll get through it. In many ways of coping, I have one that I want to share with you. I call it Mental Health Kit.

What is a mental health kit?

It’s basically a box with a collection of comforting items to help you cope when you are at your lowest mood. It’s like having a first aid kit ready when you get physical wounds or injuries. It helps you heal faster. A first aid kit for our well-being.

Why we need one?

When we’re feeling low, getting back on the surface is hard when we don’t know how. We’d try different things even if it’s not healthy for us. But knowing and preparing the ways and tools to cope that are effective for you would make worse days less difficult.

Note that everyone’s mental health kit is unique based on kinds of challenges we face and what we need. Nonetheless, here are some common items and I personally have in a mental health kit.

Don’t have one yet? Keep reading. Take your time to put together a good mental health kit that would be perfect for you.

Things to put in a mental health kit…


This one goes first in this list, and it’s always on my lists of things that makes us better and feel better. There’s just so many benefits in writing. It is one great way to express yourself whether by writing short fictions, poems, personal essays or just about anything. Writing is a healthy way to let out the emotions you’ve been bottling up.

Read this one blog post from Christian Foremost for reasons that will encourage you more to write in your journal.

Aww, and look at these cute journal! I’m a papyrophile myself. I love collecting journals. Just the sight of cute notebooks makes me happy.


A book, yes! Or could be more. Any title is good as long as it makes you relaxed and helps get your mind off of things that’s not making you feel any better. It could be an inspirational book, a  sci-fi or a fantasy one.

When I was feeling down, I read this one novel by Matthew Quick. I’m sure it will also take you in a roller coaster of emotions, you’ll cry then laugh, but at the end it will motivate you and will make you realize many things in your life.

Or maybe the Harry Potter series!  I’m a Potterhead myself, and I sometimes still read some pages of my favorite book. It comforts me because it takes me back to the time when I was younger and had no serious stuffs to deal with. What about you? What’s your favorite Harry Potter book? Or who’s your favorite character? Mine’s the Order of the Phoenix and Luna Lovegood.


Some are better with expressing themselves through drawing than words. And sometimes it’s easier to draw when you can’t find words for the emotions and thoughts you have.

Or you could use any materials you’re comfortable with because art is not limited to only a paper and a pencil.


If you’re like me and any of the people who finds fuzzy socks comforting and lifts your mood up then go buy one and include it in your mental health kit.


Personally, I have playlist each for early morning, rainy morning, afternoon work, late night study(if I need to), road trip and of course the playlist that makes me appreciate the world and anything in it and  makes me feel grateful to be alive. Wear your headphones or earphones and feel good listening to your favorite set of songs.


I didn’t know scent can actually affect our mood. But when I learned about aromatherapy and its benefits, I immediately tried it. I totally loved it.

“The soothing effect that candles have is based on how the brain processes smells. The smell of scented candles stimulates our limbic system, the part of the brain that is home to our memory and emotions. Hormones like serotonin and dopamine can be produced to help regulate mood.  Therefore, our emotional state is influenced by the relationship that exists between scents, memories, and emotions.”Chryssa Chalkia, an accredited clinical integrative psychotherapist and cognitive behavioral therapist.

Some of the positive effects of using essential oil or scented candles include:

  • reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • improve sleep quality
  • treat headaches

These are my favorite scented candles from Lit Candle Co.

You can order from their Shopee Store: Lit Candle Co.

or from their Lazada shop: Lit Candle Co.


This should actually be a jar of sweets, until I learned before that too much sugar can only make anxiety and depression worse. So instead of sweets, try foods that are healthy and is good to improve your mood and body.


This one is pretty easy because we love to take pictures of moments we treasure most. Simply print pictures of you, people you love or places you’ve travelled to that hold good memories.  

Having those pictures in your mental health kit that you’ll open when you’re down can be a quick reminder that there are people who care about you, dreams to pursue and more places to see.


A cup of tea when you’re at your depressed days can really improve your mood, ease your stress and anxiety, and will help have a quality sleep at night.

I drink tea mostly at night after doing some yoga poses before bed time because it calms me and helps me sleep earlier and better.

One of my favorite is chamomile tea! No doubt, It has many amazing benefits.


Lastly, simple list of things. You don’t need to spend at all. Creating a mental health kit should not be expensive. Caring for yourself doesn’t have to be expensive. Here’s a short list of lists of things…

  • you’re grateful for
  • you’ve accomplished
  • your life bucket list
  • positive affirmations
  • positive notes from yourself or from someone important in your  life
  • numbers of crisis hotline or people you can contact

Having a mental health kit really is necessary when you’re having stressed or depressed days. It can help you cope in a healthy way instead of those self-destructive ways.

Do you guys have a mental health kit or self-care kit? What are some items in it that’s been helping you cope when you’re down? Share it with us below! It might be helpful for us too.   


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