It is hard, I know.

To have a mind that tells you all about how worthless and hopeless you are. That every part of who you are is not enough to have a place in this world. A mind that sometimes scares you to have. Mind that stains your soul less bright and darker until you become just a shadow of something that owns you now, something that controls you now.

To have eyes that sees everything around in grey and shades darker. Eyes that see no good in the world, the people and everything in it. Eyes that cried and cries a hundred and more midnight.

To have ears that never listened to the real you instead listened to the many mean voices inside you.

To have skin and bones that once only yours but now it feels like you’re just stranger to your own body.  

To keep fighting all the battles you face because you don’t have the power and privilege to choose which fight you want to be in.

And to not know the reason why.

It’s is hard you may want to turn your back from all the hardships, and escape.

It’s so hard you may want not to fight anymore, but please keep winning.

Breathe even if all the worlds’ mean words is suffocating.

Keep waking up every morning even if it’s too late, or if it’s already early afternoon. Even if you are so tired from thinking the whole night.

Get up even if the weight of all the unkind things wrapped around you is too heavy.  Or if your bones are barely strong to keep your body still.

Get up, and tell yourself, “I’m strong,” until you have the strength even if it costs you a thousand times.

Live even if every day feels like a dying day. Please live.



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