perception about college as an introvert in college

I wanted to quit college. I’ve felt that It wasn’t for me. But more of because I thought it was just a waste of time, and sometimes or for some people it actually is. You may disagree. I know this doesn’t apply to most courses or fields. But, let me, or maybe give me a chance to say what has been on my mind, and read on.

Let me ask you this: Do you have a clear image of what you wanted to be? Where do you want to go? Which path you wanted to take?

Every weekday, five days a week, sometimes six even, we have to attend classes for eight hours or maybe longer. We sit and listen to every lesson in each subject, but at the end of all those days, how many percentage of it do we remember? Because we only listen to the lessons that interests us. We have an average of eight subjects for each semester which we most don’t need for the job or career we wanted to have. Those wasted times could be use to learn much valuable things for our career and future.

But we all want to go to college, right? Why do you think?

Because it’s the easiest route! It is the shorter and simpler path to get you somewhere you dreamed of going into. It’s the easier way to be successful.

So, what is this Staircase Concept?

Imagine, there are two men, one wearing a black tee, and the other a blue one.

The man wearing blue shirt attended college for years, got his bachelor’s degree, became a professional, and applied for a job.

While the man wearing black shirt didn’t go to any university, and he didn’t get a degree, but he studied and worked on the things he’s most passionate about, learned from experiences, then became really good at it, started his own business, overcame real challenges until he became successful.

Do you see what that means?

This staircase concept I’m talking about goes like this.

A man attending college is like a man stepping on an already made stairs for him to reach the top.

A man who didn’t attend college is like a man building his own stairs to reach the top.

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