Growing up I was surrounded by plants- not the type where our house is hidden in greens like a little forest in the city. But I was glad to have lived a few walks from a river with crops and trees around. At early mornings, we used to wander near the river. It was cold the fogs were thick I could touch it.  It became part of our routine- to look at the greenery every day, to be in the nature.

Until we move to a busier city that I realized its importance to our well-being and body. And well growing up-I mean from a kid who only worried about what to play or who to play with to a young adult who just worries about anything- is a real stress. Countless school works, peer problems, pressure the society is giving us, self-identity crisis, everything’s overwhelming, we forget how to truly take care of ourselves.

I needed something to remind me to be caring again for myself. When I thought about it, plants. So, I bought one at first. It’s a succulent type. I named it Poe. Every day when I wake up, when I got back home or when I’m anxious or depressed, I just look after it, and I feel better. It reminds me to keep breathing and living. I started to have more plants in my bedroom, and it helped  me a lot.

“Plants care is self-care”

Lowers levels of stress and anxiety

“-It boosts your mood by releasing cytokines, which then leads your brain to produce more serotonin” says a Wellness Counselor. Serotonin is what we called the happy chemical in the body.

Just by watering your indoor plant, or any interaction with it can greatly reduce your stress and anxiety. When you’re worrying too much on things, spend time with your plants, and it’ll calm your thoughts. The likeliness of developing a stress-caused depression is reduced as well.

Moreover, it helps us sleep better because some plants release oxygen at night and refreshes the air, removing toxins. And having a good night’s sleep reduces the effects of stress.

Improves memory and concentration

Having a plant on your study table or in a window near your workplace can influence your ability to focus on the task at hand. There were several studies that proved plants can improve memory retention and attention up to twenty percent(20%).

It’s true, after placing plants on my desk¸ I noticed I was able to finish my tasks faster unlike before that I always get distracted by both internal and external things.

Increases productivity

Whilst memory retention jumps to 20%, productivity improves 15% by merely having plants in one’s sight.

According to Waliczek”- Our study supports other research showing that plants have value beyond aesthetics in interior environments, including promoting positive feelings in university students.”

If you’re feeling light and better, of course you are much motivated to work on your school projects. You’ll be able to finish works at time, decreasing also the possibility to procrastinate.

Sparks creativity

As I was reading through articles, I found this Attention Restoration Theory (ART) which suggests that by time spent in, or looking at nature-even just images of nature- can shift the brain into a different processing mode. It makes someone to be more relaxed and concentrate better. It also promotes a greater sense of creativity.

plants part on our self care

Here are some plants for self-care you can put in your bedroom:

  • Peace lily  the moisture given off by these striking flowers can boost a room’s humidity by up to 5%.
  • Spider plant this doesn’t just purify the air you breathe, but it rid of harmful toxins and it keeps the air cool as well
  • Snake plant this plant helps improve indoor air quality which leads to a better night’s sleep
  • Aloe Vera  this also emits oxygen at night, which resolves insomnia and gives calm and peace in the bedroom
  • Other Succulents and Cactus

Having plants in your bedroom, surely has positive effects on you. Especially now with this pandemic, and all the sad happenings around us, taking care of plants will calm and relax us. It may also distract us from worrying too much about the sad situation the world is in.

Do you have plants in your bedroom or in your house too? Or what effects plants have on your self-care routine? Share it with us below.

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  2. Pants indeed so much benefits to us. It eases stress and gives smile on my face whenever they have new leaves, and flowers! I do talk with them sometimes acknowledging them everyday 🙂

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