We barely see a love story movie with mental illness as its sub category. Primarily because society associated most mental illness with violence or other disturbing stuffs. So, we see it in films such as thriller or horror, or mystery like it’s all scary and dangerous. Sometimes in comedy, where people with the illness are a figure of fun. As if they are not able to love and be loved.

I wanted to watch something that won’t make me discouraged about mood disorders like bipolar and others. Something that will make me feel the love and pain that comes with it. Something that will get my tears out of hiding. I started to search and below is the list of the films I have found.

Touched with Fire

This is about two people, both have bipolar disorder and a poet, who met in a psychiatric hospital. Carla, after a manic episode that led her to her mother’s doorstep in the middle of the night found herself in a treatment facility. Marco, on the other hand, was found by the police staring at the moon at night, almost the same time when Carla went to her mothers, and found himself in the same facility with her. It’s where their romance began-intense with highs and tormented lows, and continued to blossom even after their release.

love and mental illness in a movie

This film also tackles the connection between bipolar disorder and creativity. It’s a good story that shows both the beauty and painful reality of the illness.

Cast: Katie Holmes as Carla and Luke Kirby as Marco

Silver Linings Playbook

This film is about Pat, who is sent to a mental health institution for attacking his wife’s lover in a not so normal way.  He lost everything not just his wife, but his job and a house. After eight months, he finally walks out of the center and return to live with his parents. He’s determined to get back on his life and reunite with his wife. Until he met Tiffany, who has, too, problems on her own. An unexpected bond started to form between them, and silver linings appear in both of their lives.

love and mental illness in  a movie
Cast: Jennifer Lawrence as Tiffany and Bradley Cooper as Pat

All the Bright Places

This tells the story of Violet Markey and Theodore Finch, who met in an unconventional way and changed each other’s lives forever. Violet who recently lost her sister in an accident is in great grief until she met Finch, a boy who says and do things without thinking.” They come together for a school project- wander Indiana, and as they do, they didn’t just discover that even the smallest places and moments can mean something but also the feelings that started to form between them.

I mentioned this in my other blog- books that tackles mental illness. Yes, this was based on a novel like the others in this list. It’s just that I never related to a book this much that I always talk about this. So, you either watch or read this, you will surely bawl your eyes out.

Cast: Elle Fanning as Violet and Justice Smith and Theodore

It’s Kind of a Funny Story            

This story is about Craig, who biked his way up to the entrance of a mental health clinic, stressed out from the demands of being a teenager, he checked himself in. Since the youth ward is temporarily closed, he found himself stuck in and adult ward of the facility. It’s where he met Noelle, a one sensitive teen. With the minimum of five days imposed on him to stay, he learned more about life, love and the pressure of growing up.

love and mental illness in a movie
Cast: Emma Roberts as Noelle and Keir Gilchrist as Craig

These may all be great stories about finding love with a mental illness, and the feeling may help us somehow, but still love cannot cure mental disorders like how it cannot cure cancer and other illnesses.

Have you watched any of the films aforementioned? How was it? Do you know any movies like these ones? Tell us about it below.


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