We listen and hear new people’s voices every day. From an inspiring documentary you’re watching or from a self-help vlog, channel you haven’t subscribed yet but casually watch its posts. It’s a simple act we do daily.

Healing, we think it’s mostly about discovering other’s ways and applying their advice. We love getting opinions from people thinking that they always have better solutions and not even consider asking ourselves. We almost never listen to what ourselves has to say. But the truth is listening to our body, our own thoughts, and nature can be a form of healing. Maybe even the most helpful.

The first step in healing is to determine what you need to heal from. You need to ask yourself: What are the things that turned me into pieces? How much power it had on me? How did it break me? And, what do I need to do to put myself back into shape? You won’t hear the answers from others, but you.

Listen to your body

 What happens emotionally or mentally to you will often manifest itself in the body to let you know that there’s actually going on with you before you even realize it yourself. We often suppress or ignore feelings the body is giving as signals- constant exhaustion, headache, digestion problems- not knowing it could be more serious than we think.

Practice giving attention to what’s your body is telling you. If it says you’re tired, but your mind says the opposite, rest still.  I think, sometimes our bodies know us better than our minds.

Listen to your thoughts

Put your phone down on your table or anything you use to keep yourself busy. Just take time to sit in silence or you can lay in your bed once a day. Allow your thoughts to come, as you breathe and listen.

You’ll never get better if you keep ignoring your thoughts, if you purposely distract yourself from your mind- living in autopilot- just because you’re afraid to face the uncomfortable emotions that comes with all the thoughts. You have to learn from every word and feeling even if it gets too intrusive or negative at some point. Know yourself to help yourself.

Listen to nature

This is also that one thing we tend to ignore. Most days we walk to school or from school back to home, earphones plugged in. But did you know that the sound of nature is actually healing?

According to researchers, nature sounds physically alter the connections in our brains, causing nervous system to switch into repair mode, relaxing us.

Try to walk off of any devices. Let the nature be your new favorite music. Listen to the stillness of the air, or rage, the chirping of the birds, the leaves blown by the wind, the drops of water from yesterday’s rain like beats. Just simply let your mind and body be connected to nature and heal.

There are much online resources where you can download records of nature sounds too, but I think It’s more healing to be present where the sounds are.

When it comes to healing ourselves, there are ways that may not work for us, but works for someone. This is how I help heal myself. It may work for you too. So, have you listened to yourself today?

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