In high school, I never thought about working while earning my engineering degree. Well, I didn’t have to, and my parents didn’t consider the idea too, but in my freshman year in college, I realized that I wanted to work part-time. Or more like I needed to try something new, something challenging or something out of my zone. So, I did.

Now, I’m a third-year student, and I’ve already had two jobs.

We improve academically in college and gain skills like leadership, creativity, and more. However, there are just some things we’ll never learn from school.

These are the life lessons I’ve learned from being a working student that I’ll never learn from school:

Some people who have a college degree thinks they’re better than those who don’t have one

There are some people with degrees and have a better job who look down on people who they think didn’t finish college. Then they would treat them badly, say harsh words or don’t respect them. I remember this one person who complained, shouted about the color of her shirt in the photo I edited, and kept on saying inappropriate comments when I already told her in a nice way that I’d just change it the way she wants. I was somewhat shocked when she asked me If I know what I’m doing, and If I even had a training. It was just the color!

How did I know she’s a college graduate? Well, she told me the photo was for her licensure examination. You see, some people can be well educated but not in manners.

Do they not know that this world is filled with amazing and intelligent people both with and without college degrees?

Some people think they’re above those who earns less

There are people who didn’t have a degree, but became successful, right? They fall in this category. CATEGORY? Whichever this is called. So, some people who has more money in their pockets and wallet, forget to respect those who have lesser income. I remember many of them.

How come there are people like them when kindness will cost them nothing?

Beauty isn’t by the face, but by one’s words

I take pictures of an average of twenty people a day. I’ve seen many pretty faces and smiles. I realized, looks don’t simply make someone beautiful, but how they speak and choose words to say.

Appreciate little things more

Whenever I’m on my way home, drained, I get to see more and appreciate simple things like being able to feel the breeze of the night, see the stars, hear good music.  Or simply being able to eat when hungry, sit when tired or sleep to rest. Because now, the simplest things that we mostly needed are often taken for granted.

Make decisions

I wasn’t good at making decisions. But when I became a working student, I learned to make better decisions and in quicker time. When dealing with different people, computers, design, editing and money; time is essential. Unlike in school, when students have a chance to delay things.

It is fun facing our fears

In school, we almost always have more than one choice. Because of that, we always choose the path we’re comfortable with. We let our fear of uncertainties limit us. But who thought that facing what we fear is actually where the fun is?

Don’t procrastinate

As students, we are used to procrastination.  We don’t do our school works unless the due is next week or, maybe even tomorrow. Sometimes we even ask our instructors for an extension. But it’s different in workplace, you can’t let the office wait for the reports. You have to do the reports on time, and pass it on time. Always.

There’s world outside one’s room

Being a working student changed my perception on many things. I learned more about how this world works, and how it works differently for different people.

Everyone has an inspiring story to tell 

If I hadn’t worked part-time while still studying, I don’t think I’ll get the chance to meet and talk to people from all walks of life. From my co-workers to clients, from my managers to strangers, I learned countless things just hearing their stories.

We are more than what people think about us

One more thing I learned about myself, and finally proved to myself is that I’m not shy. Since kindergarten, they used to tell me I am that the word became part of who I was and I believed it before. I realized, we became what others think about who we are, if we keep listening to them.

There should be no people, nor words from people that could limit us from being and doing what we want.

More life lessons I’ve learned as a working student:

There are more good people than I thought

Some people just don’t listen

To trust ourselves more

Some people forget the basics

I learned to work with people I don’t like working with

We have more time than we thought

Some people smile, some don’t

We learn by actually doing

We can’t always rely on others

Life’s not about making money, but memories



  1. Kudos to you for learning ealy these life lessons.. and while being a working student. you’ll carry that with you for the rest of your life and hopefully guide you well in your dealings with others,

  2. It’s so sad that some of a “degree holder” person don’t have manners. Seldom I encountered someone being humble with their diploma. But, in the world of “online job” diploma doesn’t matter. As long as you have the skills and can provide solution to the pain points of the client, you are the winner.!
    I really love your article.. Kudos to you!!

  3. This post resonates me and I remembered the days when I was a working student as well. And when I started to work I started to appreciate little things more. This is a really good post. Thank you for this post

  4. I agree sa manners. Hindi talaga kasi nabibili ang manners hehe. and I agree with you here: There’s world outside one’s room. mas marami matututunan sa real world! Hindi man ako nagworking student, I worked agad a few weeks after graduation! 🙂

  5. I’m so proud of you at maaga ka namulat sa real world. I didn’t have the chance to be a working student dahil hindi ako pinayagan ng parents ko, natutunan ko yan nung talagang nagwowork na ako to have my own money.

  6. Thankful that I experienced to be a working student as well. It was hard, but absolutely a very good experience to learn how to take responsibility and learn how to be tough.

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