i'm here hear me

You and your story matters! Let the world know how brave you are for surviving by sharing your story. Or let them know that you are here to help and listen to their stories.

Participate in #imherehearme:

  • Share your personal experiences
  • Inform about mental health
  • Let people know they’re not alone
  • Raise awareness
  • Share your struggles and recovery story
  • Express your emotions
  • Encourage people to speak up too
  • Show others that there is hope

Writing your Story

  • You may write in either Filipino, English or Taglish
  • You can attach your artworks, poems or a photo of you
  • If you are to write any sensitive topic like suicide or any self-harm, avoid explicitly describing it
  • Avoid using improper language and stigmatizing words

Before sending your works, please know the following:

  • Submitted contributions are to be published here in positivelily.com. If needed to be featured on other social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram you will be informed first.
  • It is upon your decision to stay anonymous or use an alias if you think it’s best for you
  • Your words will not be modified but we may correct typographical errors if there are any. If there are parts (overly triggering, use of stigmatizing or unproper language, etc.) that will need some changes, you will be asked to revise it. 
  • Comments section of published I’m Here, Hear Me entries will be disabled. It is to protect and respect one’s story.


Once you’re finished with your entry, you may send it through this form.

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