Sis, if you are looking for a sign to take a break from all that’s been going on with your life, this is it. Whatever situation you are in now, wherever you are in your journey now, or how well your life looks outside right now, but you’ve been feeling like you need a break, go for it.

I understand why you might want to take a break, leave everything for a while, and have that moment where you just focus and reflect on your thoughts, past actions and decisions you’ve made and all about your well-being. We all understand, because we all feel the exhaustion and we all need it. I may not know your exact reasons but believe me we’re all going through hard times in different levels of difficulty. But, hey, no matter how small you think your drawbacks are at the moment compare to other people, it doesn’t matter, every difficulty is valid. Every emotion we have is valid. Every one of us is valid. I want you to know and remember that.

So, go take that break your body needs. This is the sign for you to take a break.

Maybe you are working so hard, you’re not getting enough sleep anymore, or eat meals at the proper time, or even have time to exercise or simple take care of yourself. Maybe you are taking your body for granted for so long or not giving the right love and appreciation yourself actually needed.

Dear, if you feel the tiredness in doing all that you have to do, and you’re not just same like before anymore, take the break. If the fire you had in you before has burned out; If the energy you had before has worn out; If you’re feeling lost and can’t find the path you’ path you’ve been walking on; If what drives you lost its fuel; or whatever it is you’ve been having and feeling, listen to the signal it’s been telling you, take a break.

Believe me, things will only get heavier to do if you keep on going if you’re running low on fuel. It’s much harder to start if you actually break down. Break down will slows you down longer. What is a small stopover, break and refill, sis? Think about it. Would you rather break down in a middle of a high way or take a break for a while in a roadside stopover, feel and appreciate beauty of the journey you’re in instead and stop focusing on your destination for once.

So, go sis, take a break. Go to wherever you wanted to go. To the beach? To the mountains? To your hometown? Sure, go on, take care and take your time.

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