how do you remind yourself how it is to feel alive from time to time?

I know we all feel it sometimes, the lost in the middle of certain and uncertainties of everything around us, the fading of the path we’re pursuing, the why to why we do things, the crave for something to make our hearts feel the life we have again. But maybe some people like me, feel it more than the usual sometimes.

Maybe some people are just meant not be good at feeling and being alive like how I’m not good at dancing and someone’s not good at writing or singing or cooking. Maybe that’s just it. And it’s actually tiring, to constantly forget the reason why you’re working hard, why you’re trying your best to be your best self, why you have to have this or do such things. Don’t you feel exhausted by this exhaustion?

how do you guys remind yourself how it is to feel alive from time to time? and not get tired of it?

How can some people be good at both knowing and doing, and consistency at living and commitment to life?

I know what i want in life, I know what makes me happy, and I know what makes me feel alive. But that’s it, I only know.

So, what makes me feel alive anyway? travel? good music? good books? writing? coding? What do we do when the things that makes us feel alive stops making us feel alive?

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