It’s okay, dear. If the weight of your body or bones feels heavier these days, or your mind— from thoughts. If rest or sleep doesn’t work anymore to ease the exhaustion. If you feel like the things around you seems distorted or that the path you’ve been walking on becomes blurry.  If some memories from your past start weighing you down again or pulling you back. If you eat, move, work or do things just for the sake of them. when things you love doing becomes just a task to tick off your list. When the things or words from people that used to cheer you up doesn’t anymore. It’s okay. No, I don’t mean it as, ‘it’s okay, you deserve it’ kind of okay, but the type of okay that means, ‘it’s okay, you’re strong and I know you can overcome it.’

It’s not easy, and it won’t be easy to feel restored, but I’m not going to tell you to just be positive and look on the bright side because some people have things worse, instead I need you to know that it is okay to feel what you’re feeling. It’s part of knowing ourselves and it’s part of self-growth.  It’s when we feel too tired of things, we’ll feel alive, or maybe it’s just me, or for some people, but at least there’s some kind of possibility there. It’s part of living.

I need you to understand that you don’t have to be too hard on yourself when you’re in these times, that is completely okay to be gentle with yourself and let yourself feel all that comes in this episode of your journey of self-growth.

I need you to know that you need to trust the universe with what it has to offer to you—whether it may be hardships or abundance, people or things, memories or lessons. And of course, yourself. Trust yourself that you can face all of these.

I need you to remember how brave you are for surviving no matter how many times you fell down before. This time, you will make it again. Get up, breathe and survive, dear.

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