One of the reasons of stigma on mental illness is lack of knowledge about it. It’s either because we have limited information, resources, and access on anything mental health or we have false and inaccurate information about it or maybe both.

Kahit ganon, nakakalungkot pa ring malaman na may mga ganito pa ring tao.

I know a psychologist who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. A few months back we had a conversation, and I asked her if it isn’t hard to work as a mental health professional and help others who have the same struggles and might even have the same diagnosis as her.

She answered this, “i believe everyone has a chance to be a part of society. Even doctors have doctors they go to so they can function at their 100% to give to the society”

See how mental health conditions can affect people of any age, gender, social status, religion or profession.

So, don’t tell anyone rich who’s struggling with their mental health to stop being so “spoiled” or depressed because they’re rich and can get everything they want that most people can’t have.

Don’t tell someone younger who’s struggling with their mental health to just get their shit together because they’re too young to be depressed and adults have more serious problems than them.

Don’t tell someone older who’s struggling with their mental health to stop being so “dramatic” and be more mature because they’re adult and they should always be strong and dependable.

Don’t tell someone who’s struggling with their mental health that they’re ill because they lack faith and they ONLY need to pray to be cured.

Don’t tell men who’s struggling with their mental health to stop being so gay because men should not be weak or vulnerable.


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