Every time I talk to people about depression, they would ask me, ‘why?’ that the word nearly worn out from use. They’d look for reasons why someone must feel that way. Reasons that are valid enough for them to understand like break ups or usual issues. However, it’s not like that with clinical depression.

Everyone feels sad because of certain whys. It’s natural. It’s called situational depression– a short term form of depression when a person experienced a traumatic event or major changes. Its causes are typically school or relationship problems, death of a loved one, loss of one’s job or financial challenges

Whilst, clinical depression or major depressive disorder– a mental disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest from things one’s once loved. It’s severe enough to affect a person’s daily function. It may be caused by genetics or brain chemistry imbalance, or other factors which most don’t find acceptable.

I think most people heard only about the former one- situational depression. Or maybe they know the latter, but refuse to accept because they can’t comprehend it.

There were times that just getting out of the bed seems a tough task, so hard we can’t go to class or work or anywhere we need to. The sad part is we can’t reason the depression thing because we don’t have reasons ourselves why we are depressed. So, we rather tell them physical pains like aches or cramps than tell them our insides our crying. We stay silent.

I hope one day soon, we don’t need to have that ‘why’ to tell people that we feel this way, that we are this way. I hope one day soon, we don’t need to be ‘this’ or ‘that’ or someone not to be ignored but understood that we are this way. Because it’s not about whether someone has much or less than someone has that he or she is excused to illness.

To people with depression,

You may have tough times- most days even, but keep holding on to that something that keeps you want to breathe for another day. Things will get better for us. Just you existing is a great thing as we fight the stigma associated with depression and other mental illness.

To people with a healthy mind,

I’m happy you have a mind that tells you nothing about how messed up you are even if you’re actually not, nothing about how world and the people in it are hopeless ones. I’m happy that your eyes can see life in full saturation not in grayscale like how we see it. We only need one thing- if not understood, just no judgements. It means a lot.
Let’s all be a little kinder than is necessary.



    1. Hi, correct me if i’m wrong. Do you mean you are suffering from depression and you don’t know what to do because your parents don’t have an idea about it?

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