We want a lot.

All these things and thoughts we store in our spaces- either in our rooms or in our minds- that don’t actually give value in our lives- let’s call them clutter.

Clutter is not just those stuffs in your closet you bought and never wear; not just those stuffs in your room hanging, pasted on the wall, sitting everywhere on the floor, or on your table. Or not just literally any mess you can see in your house or anywhere. The truth is, clutter can be anything-physical, digital, mental or emotional.

Anything that slows you down or keeps you from knowing and doing what you really want. Anything that keeps you from living the life you want and meant to lead. Anything that keeps you from enjoying your life. Anything that keeps you from moving forward. Anything like those boxes or storage bins in your house you don’t open and put what’s in there into places, maybe because you’re not yet ready or you don’t want to see its contents yet again. Whatever your reasons are, those boxes block you from moving around easily.

Clutter- postponed decisions.

Postponed decisions. You want a lot, yet you can’t handle them all. It may be physical stuffs; those old magazines or make-ups in your drawer you said months ago you’ll dispose but you didn’t. It may be digital; those unread messages in your inbox, you don’t try to open because you can’t decide what to response. It may be mental clutter; past memories you can’t let go off because you can’t accept it or still regret it. It may be emotional; those criticisms you hear from people you ignore because you can’t face your emotions towards it. Whatever it is, you chose to postpone it

These clutters not only steal some space, but peace as well. It creates fear, overwhelm, procrastination, guilt, anxiety, and maybe even trigger a depressive episode. As you postpone all those things and thoughts, it represses your emotions that come with those as well. And as it takes longer time, as you’re repressing, you won’t notice that it’ll grow messier. You think that just by sweeping all these away under your bed will keep you from being distracted, but in fact you’re only creating a bigger chaos and disorder.

So, the one thing you need to do is to get rid of all these clutters. Declutter.

Self-care is protecting and improving our health, well-being and happiness. But it is not only giving ourselves what we want, not spoiling ourselves with the stuffs and all that we say we need. It’s not caring at all. Part of self-care is limiting yourself too. It is giving what you truly need and taking away all that you don’t.

Decluttering is one great form of self-care. It can clear your path to having a good life. And it can help you focus on what’s more valuable to you, or teach you how to value what you have. It will help you live easier without distractions. Also, it can help you take better care of yourself.  Lastly, It will help you be more you.

In this blog series, I would talk about the importance and HOW TOs of decluttering the mind, room, smart phone and other stuffs. I believe by doing all these, we can be happier with ourselves, focused on our goals, achieve more and truly live our lives.

Let’s clear the clutter, and see how huge it will impact our quality of life.

Start here:

Declutter Diary: Smartphone

How many hours do you stare at your phone screen each day? How many of what fills most of your storage do you think you need? What percentage of what’s in there do you open in a day? How much clutter does your phone hold that weighs you down, and keeps you from finishing what’s to be done?



  1. Nice read! I agree that we should declutter sowe can focus on what is really important. I need to start to marie kondo my room and my life lol

  2. This is well informative. I just realized that I’m cluttered. In decision making and some important things to do. Just like procastination.. Thank for sharing your in depth vision about decluttering!

  3. Nice blog post, napaka-informative niya. Sige, umpisahan ko muna sa mobile phone and other gadgets. Bukod sa gusto kong bawasan yung mga nakasave sa mga gadgets, pinipilit ko rin bawasan yung oras na nakatutok lang ako sa kanila na kadalasan ubos oras na dapat nailaan ko sa ibang mahalagang gawain.

  4. I just read something about this on IG, but I think the term that was used was mental detox. Yep, this is sooo important. Life is already complicated as it is, we need a sound mind to handle it.

  5. I totally agree with you on this. All of this clutter hold us back. We need more space to give way for better and newer things in life. For my phone, i guess I’m guilty of storing too many pictures. I can delete thousands of selfies of myself. No worries. Lol

  6. This reminds me so much about Marie Kondo! I’ve also recently watched extreme hoarders in the US from YouTube. It’s really sad that some people don’t know when to stop collecting or overloading their homes with items. Btw, I love your graphics and the overall vibe of your blog! Will definitely come back for more hehe

  7. This is the first time I saw your blog and I am loving the feel of it! It feels so calming. Regarding your post, I really love it. Clutters are really something that distracts us from what is important and can really take up a lot of space. Thank you for sharing this lovely post!

  8. Everyday I found myself decluttering my fone because I have so much in store and that’s what I use on my product shoot for content. I love to declutter as it also cleanses my mind of all unwanted / unnecessary things.

  9. I want to declutter some things in my home. but i cant because my husband will get mad if i declutter his stuff. even if he hasnt used them for years and if it is sira. nakakainis.

    I cant stop myself from using my fone because most of my job responsibilities needs to be using the phone. XD

  10. About my smartphone, I don’t consider any of its contents as clutter. My definition of clutter is when things file up my space and they don’t give me any joy or become useless.

  11. Oh wow this hits home! I need to declutter a lot of aspects in my life! HAHA! My phone, my room, my entire life. Lol! Thanks for this reminder! 🙂

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