I was a hoarder.

I had boxes of stuffs I thought I need. In my bedroom, I had multiple drawers for all the clothes I thought I’d wear, bags I thought I liked, shoes I thought would match my outfits. I had ton of old stuffs under my bed that I couldn’t let go of because I was afraid of not remembering all the memories it holds. I had a keyboard on one side of my room, two guitars on the corner, and a ukulele on my table. My room was literally jammed.

Also, I used to design my bedroom walls with quotes, lyrics, band posters, my photos and anything I thought that would look good. I just loved DIYs.

Everything made me feel comfortable and more me until it wasn’t. I realized that all those things kept me distracted for so long.

Do you also have too much stuff in your room that don’t add value to your life?  Or  do you think your room is mostly a mess? Haven’t you realized yet that those clutters can actually affect your health and well-being?

Well, the truth is, it does.

|This is the second part of Declutter Diary Series. I suggest you check the introduction first. Then there’s Declutter Diary:  Smartphone where we decluttered our smartphones.

Excerpt from Declutter Diary: Introduction

“These clutters not only steal some space but peace as well. It creates fear, overwhelm, procrastination, guilt, anxiety, and maybe even trigger a depressive episode.”

Decluttering is not about depriving yourself of things you love or “need”.  In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s about getting rid of the unnecessary, so you have more time, energy, focus, peace and freedom for what matters most to you.

So, now you probably know what clutters are. Let’s begin tidying up!

1. Create a clear image of how you want your room to look like.

Such as where your drawers, closet, tables should be placedor how your essentials should be arranged. Do you want your bed beside a window? Or your study table in front of a window? Do you want stuffs on your table? Or just put everything in the drawer? Do you prefer natural light in your room?

Make sure that where you place your furniture or other items has its purpose.

2. Make more space

This part is when we have to choose which to keep and which to get rid of. Ask yourself if you really need two or three closets or drawers, extra chair or table, or any of those big items in your room. Also ask yourself if you use it all the time or is only there because it looks good?

Maybe you also have musical instruments that are taking up huge spaces that you haven’t used for months or years. Why don’t you put it aside for a while?

3. Check every corner

Check every corner and walls for any decoration that are only making your room look messier. Decorations without real meaning in your life.

4. Papers and School Stuffs!

So, I think there’s a possibility that some of you still have quite a few of your old school stuffs like maybe notebooks, textbooks, test papers, projects, portfolio or anything. Seriously, you will not need those anymore.

5. Closet clear out

Okay, you have tons of clothes, but how many of those pieces do you regularly wear or haven’t worn for a year? I’m guessing you have clothes you bought and never wear. What about your bags, shoes, accessories? 

Maybe now’s the time to finally consider wearing them or choose to pull them out of your closet. So, does it still fit you? Is it not stained or damaged? Does it suit your current style?

Sell. Donate. Throw Away.

Finally, after deciding all the stuffs you chose to keep. It’s time to know what will happen to those you let go. Is it still decent that you can sell it? Or you prefer donating it? But if the item doesn’t fit the two, maybe just it in trash. 

Another thing to consider is recycling the item! If sss you love making new things out of the old ones.


Note that delucttering your bedroom isn’t just a one-day act. You have to maintain it and not let your room turn into a cluttered one again.

It’s also a gradual thing. As you get used to less stuffs and less stress from stuffs, you will find yourself needing less. And you will probably get rid of things that don’t help you become better and  grow. With that, you’re helping yourself to be more you. Hopefully, live a more meaningful and happier life.


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  1. Nung start ng quarantine na-declutter ko na yung closet ko, pero ilang months na ang quarantine yung ibang part ng room messy pa din. Hopefully before the year ends matapos ko ang paglilinis at pag-aayos.

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