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Imagine sitting on a bus, or a car, or maybe on a jeepney, looking out of the window with a view that never failed to fill your soul. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in an hour trip or in a long journey, take time to feel every scene you can see. Taste the crisp early morning air, or feel the burning touch of summer heat on your skin, or feel the embraced of the comforting coldness of a late-night drive. Be grateful to witness the scenic view of lined trees on each side of the road or the beaches on the right window.  The only thing you need is a good set of songs to make the moment more memorable.

Here’s an indie playlist I want to share, these are the songs I always listen to whenever I’m on a road trip, alone or with friends. Have a safe trip and enjoy!

Hollow Coves- Coastline

My Key- Runaway

WILD- Summer

Luca Aprile- Traveler

Jordy Searcy- Love & War in Your Twenties

The Head and the Heart- All We Ever Knew

Lotte Walda- Bag Full of Dreams

Laney Jones-Run Wild

Harrison Storm- Feeling you

Matthew Mole – Running After You

MyKey- Running with the Wolves

Canyon City- Run

MyKey- Technicolor Carnival

Harrison Storm- Be Slow

Meadows- The Only Boy Awake

Jordy Searcy- Dark in the City

Lord Huron- Meet Me in the Woods

Coopertheband- Rebels

Milo Greene-1957

Maisie Peters- Place We Were Made

Jose Gonzalez- Stay Alive

Ziggy Alberts- Runaway

Volcan Peaks- Dreamers of the Shore

Volcan Peaks- Autumn Dawn

Austin Plaine- Never Come Back Again

Hollow Coves- The Woods

Andrew Simple- Wild+Free

Grizfolk- Waking Up the Giants

Noah Kahan- Passenger

WILD- Throw Me in the Water

Clouds and Thorns- Home

Drakeford- Beautiful World

Native- Ocean

My Key- The Driver & The Girl

Terrible Sons- Tears Don’t Fall

Tom Leeb- Distance is A Thing

NOAH- Nothing More Human

Canyon City- Our Way

Lord Huron- Lonesome Dreams

Alex Flovent- Tourist

Radical Face- Welcome Home, Son

Lord Huron- Ends of the Earth

Caamp- Misty

Corey Harper- Keeping Me Alive

Hollow Coves – When We Were Young

Erik Nordblad- Lost

The Paper Kites- Bloom

WILD- Here We Go

Plug your earphones, take that step, and off to another great adventure of your life.


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