As an introvert who is used to just observing and listening, who barely participates in conversations, having to respond to one’s question or statement mostly feels uneasy for us.

Know that feeling? The awkwardness.

When people directly talk to you, and you have no choice but to answer because they know you’ve seen and heard them. So, you cannot just turn your back and walk past them because that would be so rude. And we’re not like that. 

This happens online too.

When you receive messages from friends, classmates or from group chats, and you can’t just respond right away because your introverted self is not prepared. So, you will probably let those messages unread in your inbox until you’re ready to let them know you’ve seen their messages. And until you’re mentally ready to have a chat with them.

And in many of the group chats you’re in, as an introvert, even if it’s just an online platform, it’s still too much for you. Sometimes, it even feels a little crowded.

So, recently, I discovered something like a solution for those situations. It’s an app called NoSeen for Facebook Messenger. 

Why is this app perfect for introverts?

As I’ve said, introverts leave their Facebook inbox with unread messages for days or sometimes weeks because they don’t want the sender to know they already seen the message and make them feel ignored if the message remain seen.

But with this application, we don’t have to worry anymore, and read all direct messages without the pressure of having to reply right away. Or be informed with the groups conversation without being seen.

What are its features?

What I really like about NoSeen is it’s not a wrapped web app, so the user interface is great and easy to navigate. And also, it acts as a Facebook and Messenger in one app.

Aside from that, these are the other cool features of the app that can be very useful:

  • The main reason to download the app, read messages anonymously without being seen
  • You can also view and download stories anonymously
  • Easily download favorite photos and videos fast and privately
  • You can customize!
    • Set cool themes and color schemes
    • Set any wallpaper backgrounds that you like
    • And custom fonts
  • Secure your app and set a security lock
  • Block those Facebook ads and sponsored posts
  • Block user activity tracking
  • YES! You can prevent accidental likes and other actions
  • Beautiful and intuitive UI, indeed
  • Saves data usage
  • Preserves your battery
  • Multiple Accounts Support (PRO Version)

What are the downsides?

This app is totally lit! With its cool features and all.

However, while using NoSeen, I noticed two downsides with it:

  • First, you might be able to block Facebook ads, but the app itself have ads.
  • Second, there are no emojis, stickers and stuffs like in real Messenger app available on the messaging part of this app.

But overall, it’s still a perfect app for introverts and for anyone.

Where to download it?

For Android users:

You can easily download it on Google Play.

For IOS users:

Check it on App Store.

I absolutely love this app. So, I hope you guys also try it, and see if you’ll like it. And tell us about your experience with it below.

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