How we spend our mornings surely has a way of creating a tone for the rest of the day. There were likely days when you’re half asleep, half awake dragging your body to school and back to home for the sake of only not being marked absent. But were you really present?

A lot of us wake up to the sound we most hate— an alarm. Sometimes we even try to hit the snooze button until we’re almost late. The moment we get up off our beds, we mindlessly go straight to the bathroom and change into our uniforms for a minute less than the snooze time. Pick up our things and put everything in a bag, unorganized. We even skip breakfast most of the time. Then run to the bus or jeep or whichever terminal you go. Attend the class or work and go back home. Tomorrow, you probably will do the same, like a cycle. Like a bicycle going down the hill without a rider

We navigate through days after days, mostly unaware. But if you have a morning routine, you’re more likely to be:

  • Present for the rest of the day
  • Productive
  • Healthier
  • Focused
  • Relaxed
  • Happier or optimistic and more.

There are several benefits of having a routine.

Wake up early

Early mornings are barely appreciated because we don’t get to see its beauty. Those who do wake up before sunrise know the taste of sweet and crisp of early morning air. Heard the birds sing and felt the nature priming for a new day. There’s just something pure about this time of day that will make us feel positive to take each step with a confident look on our faces that things will go the way we want it.

This is definitely the one thing I’d never not include in my list. I used to skip this in my routine because I think I needed more sleep, and honestly, it’s great to stay in the bed with a comfy blanket and pillows that early. But when I regularly wake up at the same early time, I got to finish things I thought I need not to do but turned out to be the important things to be done.


Drinking water first thing in the morning has a lot of good effects in our body too.  It will rehydrate the body after hours without fluid consumption. It helps with digestion, strengthening immune system, getting rid of toxins in the body, healthy weight loss, skin radiance, healthy hair and more. You can prepare a glass of water on your bedside table before you sleep. In that way, you won’t forget.

Whisper Affirmations

Positive affirmations in the morning, reminds us of our potential and our priorities. As you read to yourself the things that are most important to you, the motivation increases. This is just like our destructive thoughts we repeatedly hear like an echo in our heads and we almost believe it. Now fight that, and write your affirmations to read tomorrow morning.

You can do this on your bed or on a chair. Place your hand on your lap or on your sides. Relax your body and your mind, breathe in and out. Read your affirmation, feel it run through every nerve in your body and into your heart and to the top of your head. Inhale the positivity and exhale the obstacles.

These are some examples of affirmations:

I am this moment.

I am alive.

I am calming my system.

I am releasing resistance.

I choose peace

I feel healthy and strong


You can write down what you’re grateful for, your goals for the day, your feelings, some motivational statements or other things for you to feel empowered and confident to face the day. You can also release your worries through writing. Doing so, you get to start your day with a purpose and without worries from yesterday to hold you back.


Doing exercise can help boost your energy and serotonin and dopamine levels. Also, it will increase your ability to be alert and focused for the day. This really has a good effect on our mental health. You don’t need to go to the gym or buy equipment. You can do planks, sit ups, push ups or do jogging.

And I know we can be lazy sometimes and skip this one, but try to make workout plans or turn it into a challenge. Like all the other in this list, this is important for a best morning.

Do you guys have your own routine? What changes have you noticed when you started to have a morning routine? Share it with us below.


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